3 Skin Care Habits to Include in Your New Year’s Resolution

3 Skin Care Habits to Include in Your New Year’s Resolution

The New Year is an excellent time to reconsider your daily skin care routine and incorporate new habits that will keep your skin healthy. For a New Year’€™s resolution to stick, you need goals that are specific and achievable. That’€™s why we’€™ve come up with three skin care habits that are simple, straightforward, and easy to incorporate into your routine.

Wash off makeup before bed.

After a long day at work or a fun evening out on the town, it’€™s tempting to fall straight to bed without washing your face. While every once in awhile, this is okay, repeatedly sleeping without washing off your makeup can cause serious damage to your skin. Pimples will emerge. Pores will clog. Cells will dry out. All it takes is a minute or two of washing your face with a good cleanser to prevent unnecessary skin damage.

Try our purifying gel cleanser for normal/oily skin, which lifts away impurities, oil, and makeup to reveal clean, fresh, and refined skin. The gel cleanser uses our HylaSponge®System to provide unusually long lasting and more penetrating hydration, which increases the effectiveness of the delivery of biologically active molecules, such as Vitamin C, to the skin.

Don’€™t pick your skin.

All of us know we shouldn’€™t pick our skin. Our fingers leave dirt and oil on our face. Picking pimples only aggravates blemishes and, in extreme cases, leaves scars. Yet if you’€™re in the habit of picking your skin, it takes a conscious effort to stop. This year, be wary of any temptation to pick your skin. If you find yourself tempted, apply an acne treatment cream instead.

We recommend our acne clearing treatment, a concentrated, aqueous treatment with ingredients to help heal and recover your skin’€™s beauty and clarity. Pair it with our acne defense day/night lotion to keep your skin hydrated as well.

Add a serum to your daily skin care routine.

Serums are concentrated doses of active ingredients which your skin can quickly absorb. They can be applied on clean skin underneath moisturizer and makeup. If you’€™re not using a serum, you’€™re missing out on a chance to increase hydration and the overall health of your skin cells.

Our intensive repair and protect serum/Vitamin C fights signs of aging by using our HylaSponge®System and the antioxidant Vitamin C to protect against cell damage, accelerate cell renewal, improve tone, texture, firmness and brightness, and guard against wrinkles.

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