An Ultraviolet Camera Demonstrates Why You Should Always Wear Sunscreen


It’€™s human nature. Sometimes, we simply have to be made to feel guilty (or scared) in order to do the things we know are important for our health. By now, wearing sunscreen when you will be exposed to direct sunlight is something that we shouldn’€™t even have to think about. And yet, there are many people who perhaps aren’€™t as diligent about applying the sunscreen needed to protect their skin properly.

In case you are someone who matches this description, this video is for you.

YouTube member, Thomas Leveritt, asked random people on the street to pose in front of his ultraviolet camera. Once on-screen, these folks were shocked at how exposure to sunlight over their lifetime, has left their skin covered with invisible freckles that only show up under UV light.

Click through and take a look for yourself. You’€™ll never forget your sunscreen after watching, we guarantee it!

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