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Applying medical research to skin care: the story of eraclea

You may be wondering: what are eraclea’€™s skin care products all about? How did eraclea begin? And why is its skin care line so astounding?

Well, let us tell you.

Two friends

This story begins almost four decades ago, with the friendship of two accomplished women.

Dr. Janet Denlinger was a member of Columbia University’€™s medical faculty who later went on to cofound a biotech research company. Morgan Hare was a medical and cosmetic marketing executive.

Both unsatisfied with the skin care products on the market at the time, they began a search for something new.

Hyaluronic acid

Dr. Denlinger started studying hyaluronic acid, a molecular building block important for the health of skin cells ( She discovered that having enough of hyaluronic acid in your cells keeps your skin looking young and fresh. The problem was: how to get enough hyaluronic acid into the skin.

She got to work on solving that problem, and developed a combination of hyaluronic acids called the HylaSponge®System, which delivers hyaluronic acid, along with other rejuvenating ingredients, directly onto the skin (

A new era in skin care

The two friends then cofounded eraclea with the belief that when solid scientific and medical research is applied to the development of cosmetics, the result is a skin care line that is truly good for the skin. Knowing that hydration was key to protecting and rejuvenating skin, Dr. Denlinger and Hare created a line of skin care products that incorporate the HylaSponge System.

In 2011, they unveiled their first products and, since then, their skin care line has grown to include cleansers, exfoliants, moisturizers, lip balms, special repair creams, masks, and more.

The products are unlike anything else on the market. eraclea’€™s skin care products hydrate, moisturize, protect, and repair cells through Dr. Denlinger’€™s scientifically proven HylaSponge System. Because the hyaluronic acid hydrates and firms the skin, it is an excellent anti-aging product.

All of eraclea’€™s products are high quality and affordable, and Dr. Denlinger and Hare are so confident in their efficacy that they provide a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

Their hope is that the men and women who use eraclea’€™s products will find their skin feeling healthier, fresher, and younger than ever before.

Begin now

Want to start using eraclea now? Treat your skin kindly by clicking here to find out more about eraclea’€™s unique brand of skin care products (

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