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At-Home Facial

Stuck at home, wishing for glowing skin and in need of a facial? Here is our recommended at-home facial regimen: 1. Start by cleansing your skin.2. Exfoliate to remove dead skin cells. 3. Revive skin radiance with a mask.4. Hydrate and massage your face and décolleté with upward strokes.5. Treat delicate eye area by gently patting eye […]

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Benefits of Probiotics

Topical probiotics work to strengthen the skin’s natural defenses by forming a type of ‘protective shield’ on the skin’s surface. They also help to maintain a healthy balance in the skin’s microbiome by maximizing the benefits of ‘good’ bacteria, thus strengthening the skin’s natural defenses. This, in combination with HylaFusion®, our patented ingredient which acts […]

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Is Your Body Summer Ready?

With summer quickly approaching are you already stressing out about, shorts, bathing suits and anyone seeing your cellulite? Get ready to bear arms (and legs) by using our smooth and firm body sculpting cream in conjunction with the simple self-massage techniques demonstrated in our videos. This cream provides a wide variety of benefits, it helps […]

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Give Your Skin a Turbo Boost

Have you had a long week? Are you constantly inundated with personal and environmental strain causing your skin to look stressed, tired, and dull? If despite following your skin care routine if your skin looks tired and dull it might be time to add a mask to your beauty ritual. detox-oxygenating reaffirming mask When you […]

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