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Fighting Dry Skin: Beat the Itch of Winter

Web MD’s tips for keeping your skin itch-free during the cold and dry season


We’re in the colder months approaching winter and everyone knows what that means.  It means freezing weather with very little humidity in the air.  When this sets in, dry and itchy skin isn’t too far behind.  This kind of weather makes you want nothing more than to curl up by the fire and get warm quickly, but guess what!  That makes your skin even drier! The winter months can be particularly difficult for people who have sensitive skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis, but everyone can take steps toward healthier and more comfortable skin.

Use the right products

The first thing that we usually think of when we want to moisturize our skin is finding the right moisturizer.  It is always best to use an oil-based moisturizer as it will replenish the important natural oils that your skin produces to keep itself healthy.  eraclea carries a large number of skin care products, especially moisturizers, so you don’t have to look much farther than our website to find the right oil-based moisturizer for you and your skin.


This is one product that you specifically don’t want to forget about.  Yes, the sun shines much less during the winter.  But, all of that white snow actually reflects the UV rays that do make it past the clouds right back onto your skin.  Walking around in winter weather is a lot like walking around in an extremely cold tanning machine, so make sure you protect your skin accordingly.

Humidify your home

The winter means low humidity, and low humidity means your skin is at risk for being dried out.  That is because the natural moisture in your skin evaporates over time and cannot be replenished if there is nothing in the air available to replenish it.  Invest in a portable humidifier that can add some moisture to that heater you’re using to evade the freezing cold outside.  Remember: dry heat dries skin faster.  Humid heat, on the other hand, keeps you at a cozy temperature without giving up comfortable skin in the process.

No one likes dry, itchy skin.  It can be difficult to avoid in the winter months when the air gets colder and dryer, but there are plenty of things that you can do to fight it!  That’s why WebMD put up their own really helpful guide for preventing dryness in this driest of seasons on their website at:

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