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Five Travel Beauty Tips for Your Next Trip

Are you jetting off for a much-needed vacation? Flying out on a week-long business trip? Catching a leisurely train across the countryside? Wherever you’€™re off to, traveling can cause stress, and trying to look your best on top of it all can be a major headache.

Luckily, with a few easy steps you can look and feel beautiful despite those grimy airports and long car rides. Here are five great travel beauty tips for you to consider the next time you hit the road.

  1. Moisturize the night before traveling

By applying a super-hydrating moisturizer the night before you fly, you will increase the moisture in your skin before exposing it to the dehydrating effects of cabin pressure. eraclea has a number of great moisturizers to choose from, including our restorative hydrating night cream, which repairs and restores the skin while you sleep.

  1. Use lots of hand cream

Pack a travel-size hand cream in your briefcase or purse and use it liberally throughout the trip. This will prevent your hands from drying out, especially when you travel to more arid climates. It will also protect your skin from the harsh commercial-grade soaps used in public restrooms. eraclea’€™s simply perfect hand cream comes in a lightweight, compact tube that’€™s great for taking on the go.

  1. Pack face wipes

If you’€™re traveling on a long trip, perhaps an international flight or a cross-country road trip, one of the best travel beauty tips we recommend is simply bringing along a packet of face wipes. You can use these at the end of the flight to freshen up your complexion or throughout the drive when your skin starts to feel grubby.

  1. Always carry a hairbrush

Do you find your hair tangling during flights? Bring along a compact hairbrush that can slip easily into your briefcase or purse. At the end of the trip, a few brushes through you’€™re tangled hair can make the difference between feeling messy and feeling glamorous.

  1. Skip the nail polish

While brightly colored nails are a lot of fun, they can chip easily and leave you looking unpolished. For our last travel beauty tip, we recommend clipping and buffing your nails before any long trips to keep them looking clean and shining. Bring along a pair of clippers to keep them trimmed and cut any nagging hangnails.

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