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Hyaluronic Acid in eraclea’€™s lip balm Creates Beautiful Lips

When it comes to skin care, many of us forget how important it is to take care of our lips. We spend time exfoliating, cleansing, and moisturizing our faces without realizing that treating our lips with the same consideration is just as crucial.

That’€™s why we at eraclea developed our popular ever-moist lip balm, a lip treatment with hyaluronic acid.

About Hyaluronic Acid

The ever-moist lip balm uses eraclea’€™s patented HylaFusion® to hydrate and repair damaged cells in the lips. It works by encouraging strands of hyaluronic acid in the cells to coil up into sponges that retain large volumes of water, making your lips more hydrated and, thus, looking revitalized and more luscious.

The balm also includes other emollients, like shea butter, which nourishes and promotes healing;  jojoba oil, from the seeds of the jojoba plant, which moisturizes and restores elasticity and smoothness; and other oils and antioxidants that condition and revitalize the lips. The balm comes in a compact container that you can easily slip into the pocket of your coat, inside your wallet, or in your purse.

Try it out!

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, eraclea is donating $5 to the AiRS Foundation for each ever-moist lip balm in the pink purchased. This balm is the same great formula as our regular ever-moist lip balm with just an added hint of pink!

The AiRS Foundation is a nonprofit which provides women access to options and funding for breast reconstruction surgery after mastectomy. By purchasing one of these great lip balms, not only will you enjoy the healing effects of hyaluronic acid, you’€™ll also help women receive access to transformative breast reconstructive surgery. Want to try it out? Just click here!

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