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How to Wash Your Face: 7 Ways to Keep Your Skin Healthy


For some people, facial skin can be more sensitive than any other skin on your body.  We all hate cracked lips, itchy cheeks, dry foreheads, and everything else that comes along with the dryness of winter.  The problem is washing your face can be a lot more complicated than washing the skin on other areas of your body.  But, it doesn’t have to be a headache!  There are a few key things to keep in mind while trying to keep the skin on your face healthy.

  • Be Practical: As with anything in life, over-preparation isn’t going to help.  Make sure you don’t wash your face excessively as it could actually have the opposite effect that you want.  Also, don’t stress yourself out over getting the ‘€œperfect’€ cleanser for your skin.  Not every cleanser works for everyone’s skin, but if you pick a good cleanser and stick with it, you should have excellent results.  Under no circumstances should you be excessive with your creams and oils.  You could actually hurt your skin down the road if you consistently over-use your skin care products.
  • Be Gentle:  Washing off makeup or drying off after a shower could easily go wrong if you try to rush things.  Pat your face down gently with a towel and make sure to wash your makeup off lightly.  Creams and oils aren’t going to help much if you’re constantly being rough with your facial skin.
  • Keep it Lukewarm:  That goes for everything.  Extreme temperatures are hostile to your skin. Too hot or too cold and you could damage or even kill skin cells.  A nice, hot bath is relaxing, we all love them.  But, it just won’t react well with your skin.  Don’t keep the house too toasty during the winter either.  It might feel great initially but you’ll be regretting the decision later when your skin is dry, itchy, and uncomfortable.

Face washing is an all-important, but often taken for granted part of the daily regimen of skin care.  Without realizing it, you could be doing things that lead to excessive drying, oily skin or breakouts.   Board certified dermatologist Jessica Krant, M.D., M.P.H., shares her take on a healthy facial cleansing routine with the Huffington Post on their website at: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/11/16/how-to-wash-face-tips-healthy-skin_n_2134381.html

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