Skin Care

Is Your Skin Looking Tired and Dull? We Have the Answer.

Say Good-bye to Dull Skin
with the detox-oxygenating reaffirming mask.

Many things in our environment can cause the skin to look tired, stressed, and dull. This unique anti-aging mask combines halophyte plant stem cells, with detoxifying and oxygenating ingredients that create a bubbling action that works to improve the surface of the skin, by helping to revitalize and minimize the effects of premature and photoaging.

eraclea detox-oxygenating reaffirming mask is ideal for all skin types and is the perfect treatment after long flights, nights out on the town, or dehydration from being out in the harmful sun rays.

Detoxifying and oxygenating ingredients help rejuvenate stressed, tired skin by removing dead skin cells and helping minimize the signs of photo-aging.


• Promotes skin oxygenation to help brighten dull skin.
• Reinforces the cell detoxification process.
• Smoothes facial features and revives skin radiance.
• Works to improve the vitality of the skin.
• Helps promote firm skin.
• Improves the evenness of skin tone.


Apply an even layer to clean, dry skin, avoiding the eyes. Leave on for 10 minutes or until mask turns completely white and then clear again. Remove using warm water or a warm, wet face cloth. Apply 2-3 times weekly, as desired. For optimal results follow with eraclea reaffirm multi-action face serum and reaffirm eye contour serum.


Cellusomes® Eryngium maritimum – Halophyte plant stem cells with natural anti-inflammatory and cell rejuvenating properties to help promote firm, smooth skin. Helps resurface skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles by taking action on genes at the root of the aging process. Helps protect against photoaging.
Oxygeskin® – Promotes skin oxygenation and improved complexion radiance and helps to brighten dull skin.
CELLDETOX® – Reinforces the cell detoxification process: it reduces the level of oxidized proteins and peroxidized lipids. Reduces the visible signs of age and restores natural radiance to intoxicated and tired skin.

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