Skincare Winter

Keep your skin feeling healthy and beautiful in the harsh winter weather!

video-winter-skin With the winter season comes dry weather.  Find out how to keep your skin healthy this winter!

We all know that itchy, scratchy feeling of dry skin and how bad it can get during the winter.  Sometimes it can be pretty frustrating to deal with your skin during this super dry season, but here are some great suggestions to help you get through the season with healthy, well nourished skin.

First of all, you want to make sure you that you balance out the humidity in your house.  Turning up the heat during the winter is great because it keeps you from freezing, but as bad for the skin as cold air is, hot air can be just as bad.  Make sure to use the humidifier as much as you can during this season.  More moisture in the air means less opportunity for your skin to dry out, and will even help open up and restore your airways during allergy season.

Make sure to pay special attention to your showering routine.  Long, warm baths may feel wonderful and be part of many people’s de-stressing ritual, but that much water can actually have the opposite effect of what you want on your skin.  You should be sure to limit your showers or baths to 10 minutes at the most and use warm water.   If it is too hot, you could rob your skin of essential oils that keep your skin healthy.

Ever notice how when you get out of a long bath or the pool how your fingers and toes are wrinkled?  That’s because that much water actually drains the moisture from your body.  Make absolutely sure to moisturize your skin as soon as possible after a shower.  Wait no longer than 3 minutes.  The moisturizer will trap the moisture from the shower or bath in your skin so that the shower does not further dry out your skin.

Remember that UV rays can irritate your skin in cold weather too, so if you’re planning on taking a fun trip to the slopes or spending time outside, putting on sunscreen is recommended.  White snow is far more reflective than green grass, so even though the sun might not be shining as bright during this season, the sun’s rays can be just as harmful to your skin.  You’ll want to make sure you do yourself a favor and don’t give your skin any more reason to be irritated.

Everyone wants to feel comfy and beautiful in their own skin.  Follow this advice and you’ll be on your way to forgetting that winter was ever a frustrating season for your skin in the first place!

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