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A Look at Several Non-surgical Skin Care Remedies

Sooner or later, everyone’€™s skin starts to show signs of aging. Wrinkles appear around your lips and eyes, creases deepen across your forehead, and your cheeks begin to sag. When this happens, it’€™s tempting to immediately turn to plastic surgery, but many don’€™t realize that there are a number of great non-surgical skin care remedies that are easier and safer than going under the knife. Here are several options to consider before scheduling that plastic surgery appointment.


Does your skin suffer from lines across your forehead? Crow’€™s feet? Frown lines? One of the best options for erasing wrinkles like these is a simple botox treatment. Botox is made of a toxin from botulinum bacteria. When injected in small doses, it releases the tightened facial muscles that cause wrinkles.

A botox treatment usually lasts a few minutes and, while the injection might look scary, it actually causes little pain. After several weeks, the skin where you received the shots will look smoother and healthier. To keep the skin wrinkle-free, you’€™ll need to return for injections every few months at first, and then less frequently after that


Another non-surgical skin care remedy to consider is a simple cosmetic filler. Fillers are substances that smooth wrinkles and folds by building up the tissue underneath the skin. Like botox, they are injected directly into the damaged areas, such as wrinkles across one’€™s forehead, crow’€™s feet, or frown lines. Fillers are most commonly made of collagen, as well as hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxylapatite, poly-L-lactic acid, and more.

The results of cosmetic fillers vary from person to person and the kind of filler you get. A typical injection lasts nine months or longer before you need to return for another. Some, however, are permanent, which makes cosmetic fillers a great option for non-surgical skin care.

Basic skin care

Of course, on top of these non-surgical skin care procedures, it’€™s also important to simply take good care of your skin. This means exfoliating, cleansing, and moisturizing on a regular basis. We have a number of great products that are specifically designed to treat aging skin. Before considering surgery, we recommend trying eraclea’€™s repairing and correcting products, like our intensive repair and protect serum/vitamin C and our reconstructing cream. You can learn more about our anti-aging products and purchase some to try for yourself here!

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