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Say-Yes-to-the-Strapless Dress

SummerSummer has arrived, and baby, it’€™s hot outside!   Everywhere, dresses sans sleeves and straps are beckoning, but are your neck, chest and arms ready for the big reveal?

Here is a complete ‘€œsay-yes-to-the-strapless dress’€ skin care guide in just five easy steps:

  1. Get rid of rough spots.   You may have perfectly sculpted arms, but it’€™s all for naught if your elbows and hands are scaly.  Start in the shower with daily bamboo exfoliant, a gentle micro-scrub that lifts off old layers and leaves skin baby-soft.
  2. Attention au décolletage!   This highly exposed area of the body has thinner skin and is susceptible to sagging.  Give it a tightening, toning and hydrating mini-workout with neck and chest anti-gravity cream and feel the difference instantly!
  3. Circulate!  Did you know that improving the body’€™s natural circulation can give you a more toned and sculpted appearance?   Get ready to bear arms by using smooth and firm body sculpting cream in conjunction with the simple self-massage techniques demonstrated in this video.
  4. Don’€™t forget hands:   Top it all off with the nourishing and vitamin-rich simply perfect hand cream to leave dry hands and ragged cuticles beautifully hydrated.
  5. Now that you’€™re ready for your day in the sun, don’€™t forget solar defense.  Try ageless protection SPF 30, a non-greasy formula that keeps skin looking youthful, and can even be applied over makeup.
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