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Four Signs You’€™re Not Getting Enough Beauty Sleep

Worried you’€™re not getting enough beauty sleep? Most adults need between seven and nine hours of sleep per night, but how many of us actually get that much sleep on a regular basis? Most of us manage closer to five or six hours of intermittent sleep.

But a good night’€™s rest affects many areas of our lives, including the ability to focus and make decisions, as well as our weight and the health of our skin. If you’€™re not getting enough beauty sleep, it might be time to turn off the TV at night or say no to that afternoon cup of coffee. Here are four ways to tell if you’€™re not getting enough beauty sleep:

  • You’€™re tired in the afternoon.

Many of us assume that it’€™s perfectly normal to feel tired in the afternoon. But this drowsiness can be a subtle sign of sleep-deprivation. If you’€™re yawning a few times in the afternoon or nodding off at your desk while reading email after email, these could be signs that you need a few more hours of sleep at night, especially if this drowsiness lasts longer than a day or two.

  • You’€™re not looking too hot.

Do you wake up with puffy red eyes or turned-down corners of the mouth? Are there dark bags beneath your eyes? Has your skin lost its shine? These are all signs that you’€™re not getting enough beauty sleep. Skin care products can only help so much with how you look after a rough night. The best cure: drink a little hot, chamomile tea and snuggle in bed with a book until you fall asleep. You might also try our Eye Surround Cream, which is scientifically designed to reduce puffiness and redness in the eyes, while hydrating the sensitive skin around them for healing and a renewed glow.

  • You look older than your age.

A good night’€™s rest is an essential part of healthy skin. When you sleep, your skin repairs itself, which in turn smooths out lines and wrinkles, and prevents age spots. If you’€™re looking in the mirror and seeing a much older person than you should, it could be because you’€™re not getting enough sleep. For extra healing while you sleep, try our Restorative Hydrating Night Cream, which not only hydrates and nourishes the skin, but also improves the skin’€™s texture for renewed radiance.

  • You’€™re gaining weight.

Are you packing on a few extra pounds? Even despite eating a healthy diet? It could be because you’€™re not getting enough beauty sleep! That’€™s right. A poor night’€™s sleep activates fat-producing hormones, making you crave more fatty food as well as create more fat across your tummy and elsewhere.

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