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Why Our Skin Care Brand Supports the AiRS Foundation

As a successful skin care brand, we believe in the importance of giving back. That’€™s why we support the AiRS Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness ‘€” and funds ‘€” for women who have had mastectomies due to breast cancer and want reconstructive surgery, but cannot afford it.

Here’€™s a bit more about the AiRS Foundation and how you can help us support them!

The founding of AiRS

The AiRS Foundation began with the same friendship that started eraclea. After successfully founding their skin care brand, Janet Denlinger and Morgan Hare wanted to find a way to give back to the community. Along with internationally known plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Rod Rohrich, they founded the AiRS Foundation. The organization is dedicated to providing breast reconstruction, after mastectomy, to women who want but cannot afford this procedure. Restorative surgery is a vital part of total physical and emotional healing for many breast cancer survivors to raise confidence and restore dignity. Yet up to 70% of those diagnosed are not aware of the options or do not have sufficient resources to cover the cost of surgery.

While every woman who has had a mastectomy might not feel the need for reconstructive surgery, AiRS makes it possible for women to consider all options regardless of their economic situation.

With eraclea’€™s emphasis on helping women feel beautiful and whole, as well as Denlinger and Hare’€™s background in science, helping these women seemed like the perfect fit.

What they do

The foundation helps educate women about their options pre- and post-mastectomy and provides breast reconstruction surgery to women who cannot afford the procedure. Restorative breast surgery is a major step for breast cancer survivors to heal and begin to feel whole again. The AiRS Foundation works with a network of physicians in the United States to make this service possible, as well as promote advances in health care resources.

Help us help them!

Want to help us help the AiRS Foundation? We’€™re donating $5 for every Ever-moist Lip Balm – In the Pink purchased! One of our skin care brand’€™s essential products, the lip balm heals dryness by replenishing moisture. It’€™s guaranteed to keep your lips soft and fresh, as well as add just a hint of pink. Try it out now by ordering here!

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