The Psychology of Beauty

esc_August_25_fbBeauty: is it a blessing or a curse? Beautiful people – women especially – always seem to get what they want. Getting out of a ticket or even landing a job can be greatly aided by outward appearance, but on the same hand beauty can be isolating. Women often have difficulty trusting other women who they feel are more beautiful than themselves and men are often intimidated by beautiful women, resulting too often in social exclusion. Beauty is a way of life, but it is not always a glamorous one.

Of course, paying close attention to your physical appearance can boost your self-confidence, but it can also undermine it. Sometimes a fresh coat of makeup can make you feel ready to face the world, but other times it just reminds you how much you have to cover, and accentuates in your own mind the blemishes that aren’€™t hidden. Oftentimes, the most beautiful people are the ones with the lowest self-confidence.

The attention attracted by beauty can be beneficial, but it can also be unwanted and even annoying. Some people revel in the spotlight that beauty gives them, and they use that spotlight to secure jobs and opportunities that may not have otherwise been attainable, but some would rather avoid being picked from a crowd for their appearance. Beauty is an asset, but it can also paint a target on one’€™s back, and for shy women even compliments can become taxing if they force interactions with people that may seem ungenuine. Often, a beautiful but shy woman will be labeled as rude or even arrogant if she dislikes attention, which can hamper her life and career.

Overall, the key to using your beauty wisely is confidence. If you try to make yourself beautiful for the world, then you’€™re never going to hit the mark and you are constantly going to be beating yourself up for it. If you find what makes you feel beautiful, though, you will be able to use that to your advantage. Furthermore, it is important to accentuate your other assets, so that people know you are more than just beautiful. No amount of creams or makeup can replace a quick mind and a compassionate smile in a job interview, and friends will be easier to come by if they understand that your beauty doesn’€™t define you. You can read more about the psychology of beauty and the effects it has on one’€™s life at:

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