Look out! Your Smartphone Might Be Causing Neck Wrinkles!

We’ve all heard about the potential issues that can arise from our smartphones; text neck syndrome, car accidents, sleep issues, cancer risk due to radiation, eye problems, to name a few. Yet no one wants to give up their smartphone, but this new revelation may change your mind. Your smartphone might make you look prematurely old by causing eye and neck wrinkles.

Squinting to read texts and emails can cause crow’s-feet and wrinkles to form around your eyes. Also, according to a study published in the journal of Surgical Technology International, slumping over the phone to type or read puts extra weight on the spine, leading to degeneration causing neck wrinkles.

Recommendations to help prevent these troublesome lines include: increasing the font size and brightness on your phone, holding up the phone to eye level instead of looking down, and the one no one wants to hear, giving up your smartphone!

Apart from lasers and injectables, or giving up your smartphone, the only other way to prevent neck wrinkles is through a proper skin care routine.

We recommend gently exfoliating with our daily bamboo exfoliant your neck and décolletage coupled with daily use of our neck and chest anti-gravity cream, an ultra-firming and restructuring cream that tightens and lifts the neck while reinforcing the skin structure.


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