The New Era in Skincare
The New Era in Skincare
May 2011

EraClea: The New Era in Skincare


Wear all the make up you want, but do so with the understanding that all your blemishes and wrinkles still exist.  Tons of makeup over bad skin is the equivalent of putting a tarp over a crack.  Making a problem less visible does not fix it.  Beauty brand EraClea combines medical research with the science of younger looking skin.  The key according to their extensive research is moisture.  When skin is kept hydrated it maintains a healthier more youthful appearance.   The products by Eraclea rely on a technology referred to as the HylaSponge System.  The system is the result of 50 years of research and is the primary ingredient in all items in the line.  In addition to the HylaSponge, the line is filled with skin healthy vitamins and antioxidants.  Team JSD was invited to try out a few of their products:

EraClea Intensive Repair and Protect Serum/Vitamin C: We are all well aware of the importance of vitamin C in maintaining our immune system but studies have shown it has great benefits for the skin as well.  This product works well at treating the signs of aging.

EraClea Pure Hydration Serum/Zinc: This item relies on the anti inflammatory properties of zinc to heal stressed and irritated skin cells.  It also has anti bacterial properties, which makes it ideal t for daily use.

EraClea Eye Surround Cream: If you have tired eyes this ones for you.  The hydrating and firming properties of this product help reduce the signs of aging in the sensitive eye area.

Cover girl can only cover up so much. Give your skin the nourishment and vitality it deserves, visit today and create your personalized beauty regimen.

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