Eraclea Eye Surround Cream
Eraclea Eye Surround Cream
July 2011

Ellen Marmur, 42, New York City

My skincare routine entails rinsing my face with water and, if I feel oily, I use Sanítas Lemon Cream Scrub on the sides of my nose and forehead; StriVectin-SD for Sensitive Skin moisturizer and eye cream in the morning and Eraclea eye cream at bedtime; Aveeno sunscreen SPF 15 in winter; Nia24 sunscreen in summer. My in-office maintenance includes Botox or Dysport twice a year between my eyebrows; Restylane or Juvéderm in my cheeks and under my eyes; occasional IPL and Fraxel treatments; TCA 30% chemical peels postpregnancy, for melasma (a skin discoloration). The biggest waste of money is facials. They’re wonderful for relaxation, but they’re a luxury more than a therapy.The most important advice I give patients is don’t perform self-surgery on every little blemish. And simplify: There’s no need for an eight-step daily regimen.

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