The Best Face Moisturizers for Wintertime
The Best Face Moisturizers for Wintertime
December 2013


The best face moisturizers for wintertime

The right moisturizer for your skin type

As the weather gets colder and windier, most women need to change up their skin care routine and give their face a little extra TLC. But how do you know which products to pick? Read on for our favorite winter moisturizers, broken down by skin type.

Sensitive skin


If your skin tends to get red and tender during the winter, with maybe a few dry patches around your nose, you likely have sensitive skin. This type is not precisely dry or oily and is frequently prone to breakouts. You need a moisturizer that’s very gentle and provides soothing hydration.

Sensitive skin moisturizers for winter

Before bed



What if your skin is mostly in good shape... except for those pesky wrinkles that seem deeper every time you look in the mirror? You need something with penetrating moisture to fight off fine lines and other signs of aging.

Anti-aging moisturizers for winter

In the morning

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