Keep Skin Hydrated with These Top Products
Keep Skin Hydrated with These Top Products
January 2014

 Keep Skin Hydrated with These Top Products

By: Kellie Speed   |    January 3, 2014   |   

With the cold winter weather upon us, it’s time to be sure your skin is well protected. Here are our picks for some of the best skin products to keep you hydrated and looking your best as we kick off 2014:


There’s no other body part that really shows your true age than your hands. Keep them protected and hydrated this winter with eraclea’s Simply Perfect Hand Cream. We love this luxurious cream that is enriched withthe HylaSpongeSystem and infused with lipids and vitamins. What does that mean for you? Your hands will continue to be hydrated for up to eight hours leaving them feeling soft and smooth instead of dry and cracked.

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