Unisex Beauty Routine
Unisex Beauty Routine
June 2014

 Nothing gets my day off to a good start like indulging in my morning beauty routine. However, who says that beauty routines are just for women? Not to mention, one beauty regimen shared by two saves some major bucks. Check out these tips for the perfect Unisex Beauty Routine to help you start your day rejuvenated and refreshed.

Drink a glass of water: Dehydration reflects in your skin. Starting your day with a glass of water can help heal your dry skin and leave your body refreshed.

Use sunscreen: Protect your skin from UV damage by applying a small amount of sunscreen to your face each morning.

Exercise: Get out of bed and move! Exercising in the morning provides energy throughout the rest of your day.

Moisturize: Moisturize parts of your body that are prone to dryness; your face, elbows, knees, etc. Even if you aren’t experiencing dryness right now, moisturizing these spots will protect your skin from future dry spells.

Exfoliate: To achieve silky smooth skin, start your day with a gentle exfoliant. Perfect for men and women alike, Eraclea’s Daily Bamboo Exfoliant allows you to trade your dead skin cells for glowing skin. My husband and I both love using this Bamboo Exfoliant. I love how it exfoliates yet doesn’t leave my face feeling scratched and raw. After I wash with this Bamboo Exfoliant, it’s almost as if a cool breeze is blowing across my face. Not to mention, this exfoliant provides a nice close shave for the hubby.

Hydrate: Not only is it important to hydrate your body each day, but your skin needs daily hydration; Eraclea’s Pure Hydration Zinc Serum ($80) does just the trick! Perfect for stressed or irritated skin (especially from shaving and sun exposure) this serum leaves your skin feeling refreshed, moisturized, and hydrated. Since using Eraclea’s Pure Hydration Zinc Serum, I’ve also noticed that the red spots in my skin have dramatically decreased and left my face feeling rejuvenated.


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