Stuff I Love: My Top 7 Travel Essentials
Stuff I Love: My Top 7 Travel Essentials
May 2014


Stuff I Love: My Top 7 Travel Essentials


The next couple months are going to be travel galore for me and my husband. Between our work trips and wedding season- it looks like it’s going to be an exciting Summer! As most of you know, I just got back from a 9 day trip to Japan, and I thought with the surge of recent trips it would be fun to share my top 7 travel necessities. Here goes!

3. Eraclea Skincare 

EracleaPurifyingGel+Serums_120mlThis skincare line is perfect if you’re traveling with your partner because it’s unisex! One beauty regimen shared by two makes packing easier for summer traveling, saving precious space in those quart-sized bags. Eraclea‘s products like Pure Hydration are excellent for men after a close shave and a day in the sun, but also perfect for us ladies! My husband and I swear by the Daily Bamboo Exfoliant (helps increase skin cell turnover rate and resurfaces the skin), the Pure Hydration that I mentioned before (moisture-intensive serum that replenishes the skin, promotes healing and reduces redness) and the Intensive Repair and Protect Serum (works to protect against cell damage, accelerate cell renewal and improve texture). All of these products are amazing to keep your skin happy, especially after sun and flight!

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