Skincare Sunday with eraclea
Skincare Sunday with eraclea
February 2014

 February 16, 2014



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Another weekend has come and gone beauties. Over this past week I have been using some products from eraclea and for this Skin Care Sunday treatment I used their Firm-Lifting Mask for Face. eraclea is a skin care line developed by scientists and formulated with anti-aging properties to aid in maintaining youthful looking skin. 
eraclea is a skin care line developed by scientists and formulated with anti-aging properties to aid in maintaining youthful looking skin.
 eraclea is all about keeping skin youthful. All of eraclea skincare products use the HylaSponge System. 

The HylaSponge system uses unique properties that provide continuous skin hydration. The eraclea product line is broken down in to three regimen categories;
  • Cleanse and Exfoliate
  • Hydrate
  • Repair and Protect 
Ever-Moist Lip Balm (4 fl oz $16) 
My lips are always dry, ALWAYS. I live for lip balm and this ever-moist lip balm is fantastic. Long lasting moisture without leaving my lips greasy. Bonus I didn’t have to keep reapplying it all day. Once or twice during the day was enough. I exfoliated my lips before bed and applied the ever moist lip balm, I awoke to soft conditioned lips. One week of use and my lips are healing and cracking less. It has a very light citrus fragrance and no taste. 
Simply Perfect Hand Cream (2 fl oz $20) 
Can one be addicted to hand cream? I think I might be, I moisturize my hands constantly. I think it goes back to my grandmother telling me a woman’s hands can give away her age. I also hate the soap in the ladies room at my office, I swear it’s like the harshness most drying soap you can imagine. Everytime I wash my hands I want to scream this is a corporate office restroom not a mechanics. Like do they think we have grease to dissolve off our hands, geez. It dries my hands out terribly and I wash my hands a lot. eraclea’s simply perfect hand cream was just that, simply perfect. 
This hand cream was soft and soothing, absorbed well and kept my hands moisturized. The only thing I didn’t like about this hand cream is the scent. It is not overpowering but rather a light orange and grapefruit scent, I just don’t care for orange scent. The scent fades after a few minutes so unless you are in the habit of sniffing your hands often, it’s not bothersome, I only notice it when first applying.
Firm-Lifting mask for Face (1.7 fl oz $50)
I am constantly trying to fight the signs of again. If I knew where the fountain of youth was I would be on the next flight. I don’t know what has been going on with me lately but one day I woke up with some bags under my eyes and they have made themselves at home. I was all over this firm-lifting mask hoping to send those visitors packing. This firm-lifting mask was a much different consistency than some face masks I have used in the past. The consistency is a very light, soft gel that appears clear on the skin.
The mask removed very easy with warm water an did not leave my skin dry or tight, I didn’t even need to use a moisturizer after. My skin felt and appeared a firmer and my under-eye bags less pronounced. I was very pleased with the results after the first use, and will use a second time this week, I am looking forward to seeing results after continuous use. 
Final thoughts: eraclea is beyond beauty lounge approved. I am very pleased with all three products. Especially the lip balm. 

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