eraclea: a new era in skin care
eraclea: a new era in skin care
January 2014



eraclea :: a new era in skin care


Hi everyone! I'm excited to announce I've partnered with eraclea skincare for a year-long campaign to feature their new, ground-breaking skincare line consisting of products to help you with cleansing, hydrating, and repairing your skin.
The eraclea skincare products are considered a 'new era in skin care' as they use medical research in combination with science to formulate long-lasting hydration, resulting in healthy, younger looking skin. All of their products contain a secret ingredient that's scientifically designed to keep your skin hydrated and allows you to retain a youthful appearance. Basically, eraclea products feature a HylaSponge System combined with antioxidants and vitamins, all chosen for their specific functions.
I had a chance to try 3 of their hottest products for 2014, and here's what I thought about each:
Firming lifting mask :: This mask surprised me at first because of its gel-like consistency. When I applied it to my face, I could feel an increase in firmness after a few minutes. The thing I like about this mask is that it's not as intense as others that I've tried before - I can feel the firmness and definitely see a reduction in fine lines, yet my face doesn't feel tight or stiff.
Ever-moist lip balm :: I've tried my fair share of lip balms you name it and I've probably tested it and while this one doesn't rank at the very top of my, I can definitely say that it gives my lips the most hydrating feeling I've ever felt. With ingredients like shea butter and jojoba, I'm not too surprised by it's hydrating abilities - definitely one that I'll keep in my weekly rotation.
Simply perfect hand cream :: This hand cream makes my top 5 list of hand creams, without a doubt. It's enriched with the HylaSponge System and contains lipids and vitamins that kept my hands soothed and hydrated all day long. Even after I applied more for a quick re-soothing, I didn't get that greasy feeling with most other hand creams. You're definitely here to stay!
Be sure to visit eraclea skincare online and browse through their 2014 offerings!
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