How to Avoid the Winter Skin Blahs
How to Avoid the Winter Skin Blahs
December 2013


How to Avoid the Winter Skin Blahs

My skin freaks out in the winter. It's dry and itchy and let's not even talk about my hands. What happens to them is not fit for discussion amongst polite company. If you're struggling, try any of these to get some relief!

For your face, consider trying Eraclea's Pure Hydration Serum. It's a hydrating gel that never feels oily or leaves skin feeling greasy. Perfect for stressed, irritated skin, this moisture-intensive serum uses zinc to reduce bacteria and redness on the skin so chapped, dry skin can heal. The serum delivers pure hydration to rejuvenate and replenish the skin. Developed to help Russian women survive winter beautifully, I'm not surprised it really works!
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