Daily Bamboo Exfoliant
Daily Bamboo Exfoliant
November 2013


Daily Bamboo Exfoliant



I am very strict with my skin care regime. I use a daily cleanser and moisturizer. I also like to use an exfoliant to help remove dead skin. I received a sample of the Daily Bamboo Exfoliant to review in exchange for my honest opinion.



About the product:

The Daily Bamboo Exfoliant by eraclea helps increase skin cell turnover rate and resurfaces the skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, pores, age spots, discolorations and acne scars.

Using exfoliant is an important part of skin care. It helps to remove the old and allow your skin to shine! I have been using Daily Bamboo Exfoliant for over a week now. I have been using the Daily Bamboo Exfoliant every evening. I use it to help remove my makeup and the daily grime of the day. My skin is left feeling smooth and bright. My skin feels and looks renewed.

The product is very gentle on my skin. I have been using the product every night without irritation or dryness. I am surprised there has not been any dryness because the weather is cold and dry. The Daily Bamboo Exfoliant helps restore moisture and leaves my skin feeling soft and supple.


Here are some helpful tips from Skin care expert and eraclea Chief Scientific Officer Janet Denlinger offers these tips for exfoliating properly:

Look for non-abrasive exfoliants with natural ingredients such as bamboo, which helps nourish, polish and smooth skin – all while providing antioxidants and vitamins.

· When exfoliating, don’t forget to pay attention to lips and elbows. These spots are easy to forget but can make a world of difference when it comes to showing off skin.

· Exfoliate in the morning to shed dead skin cells produced from the night before.

· You only need to exfoliate once or twice a week for glowing skin. If you are short on time, add a dab of your exfoliant into your facial cleaner so the two can work together.

Overall, I am enjoying the eraclea Daily Bamboo Exfoliant. It has been awhile since I have had a facial scrub on hand to use. My skin is able to glow. I love using a scrub on my body to help soften my skin. The Daily Bamboo Exfoliant is perfect for daily use. It is gentle and works!


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