eraclea Body Sculpting Cream Review
eraclea Body Sculpting Cream Review
September 2013

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Eraclea Body Sculpting Cream Review

What they say about the Body Sculpting Cream:
Formulated with the healing properties of mineral rich seaweed, herbal extracts, essential oils, moisturizers high and anti-oxidant. When used with gentle massage it encourages natural circulation of the lymphatic system through the body as it works to promote the circulatory system. It aids in the healing process, and promote relaxation and well being.

My Review:
This Body Cream is the definition of luxury in every way. I use it after a shower before I put my clothes on, or before bed when I am changing into my pj's. I focus on my thighs because like most women I hate them and will do anything to approve the appearance of them. I have only had this product for a few weeks and I love it. I use it on my entire leg, but focus on my hips and thighs. They are much more soft and smooth, and its a real treat for myself applying this cream. It is really rich and creamy which really moisturizes the skin. It is pretty pricey but this is one of those products that would fall into treating yourself category. It is not a run out and buy at the drugstore just because your bored product (anyone else, or am I alone). I cannot tell a difference in the actual appearance of my thighs or legs, but they feel so smooth and are soft. Again, it has only been a few weeks so even though I want a miracle it isn't fair to expect it in that short of time.This will come in handy with the cold months ahead. I have truly enjoyed using this, and very grateful that I got the chance to review it!
Have you tried anything from Eraclea? I have a few more amazing product reviews coming soon so stay tuned for that.
What is your favorite luxury product?
 As always it's appreciated if you want to know more about Eraclea to check them out
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