April Breakout Brand
April Breakout Brand
April 2011

The eraclea launch party at The Standard Hotel in NYC was an affair to remember. Not only did I rub elbows with NY notables such as Standard hotel owner Andre Balazas, and Ford Models Founder Eileen Ford, but I also had the opportunity to be among the first to try eraclea’s début line. What impressed me more then the launch party, were the results I noticed almost immediately after using the eraclea product line. The nearly instant gratification eracleaprovided, led me to name eraclea the Honest Beauty Breakout Brand of the Month.

What makes eraclea unique is the delivery system. Referred to as the HylaSpongeSystem, a revolutionary system that maximizes the benefits of hyaluronic acid, the system is the result of decades of hyaluronic acid research.  The HylaSpongeSystem is a breakthrough complex composed of patented HylaSponges which are water-insoluble, water-filled microsponges composed of polymerized hyaluronan (hyaluronic acid). The HylaSponges act as a second skin, hydrating the surface layer, and delivering superior and lasting hydration toward the deeper layers of the skin. The moisture-intense “second skin” the HylaSponges create, protects, fills and smoothes the skin’s surface, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while hydrating your skin to the core.
Eraclea® was founded by industry vets Dr. Janet L. Denlinger and Morgan Hare. Dr. Janet has over two decades of experience in physiological, biological, biochemical and primate research. Denlinger is also a co-founder of Biomatrix Inc., a biotechnology research, development and manufacturing company she founded with her husdand, Dr. Endre A. Balazs. Janet and her husband had one of the first patents on hyaluronic acid, an ingredient they sold to a “little” cosmetics company called Estee Lauder back in the day, for their Estee Lauder’s famed wrinkle reducing serum, still presently on the market. Janet is currently chief scientific officer and cofounder of Hylaco LLC , an ingredient and product-development company specializing in marketing the HylaSpongeSystem.

Morgan Hare is president and co-founder of the Dallas-based Hylaco LLC, the parent company of eraclea. Hare brings with her more than 30 years of experience in the cosmetics and skin care industries, and has held executive marketing and product development positions at numerous national, blue-chip consumer product and retail companies such as Revlon, Avon, QVC, and HSN. Prior to her marketing career, Hare conducted research at Harvard Medical School and held senior sales positions in the biomedical industry for several companies, including Technicon Instruments Corporation and American Optical Corporation.

I have had the honest pleasure of trying all the products in eraclea’s line. I can whole heartedly assure you; every single item is absolutely fabulous and produces honest results. In my gym bag every morning, to hydrate my face when I get out of the steam room and shower, is my 4-step daily eraclearegimen which includes: EraClea Intensive Repair and Protect Serum/ Vitamin C, EraClea Pure Hydration Serum/Zinc, EraClea Eye Surround Cream, and EraClea Hydrating Day Lotion. Since using these products my skin has never looked so dewy and fresh! The moisture retention from eraclea’s products really does last all day. 

For nighttime, EraClea 5 Night Perfecting Peel truly works in 5 days – a noticeable difference - honest! After 5 days, I use EraClea Restorative Hydrating Night Cream which leaves me looking fresh and unafraid of the mirror in the morning.

With the weather growing warmer and summer just around the corner, you know you want to put your best face forward. You can do just that with eraclea. Find more information online at - www.eracleaskincare.com  - and start looking for eraclea in Spas and MedSpas near you!

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