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acne treatment duo

Our enhanced acne fighting duo is scientifically designed to dry up acne, not your skin. If you have acne or occasional breakouts, these are the perfect products for you!

acne clearing treatment and acne defense day/night lotion provide a dual-purpose treatment for acne-prone skin. Applying both products together not only targets superficial blemishes and clogged pores, but also hydrates the skin and treats inflammation. This two-fold approach produces optimal, quick and continued results. Good for all skin types.

acne clearing treatment - Reduces or eliminates acne-causing bacteria. Active ingredient: benzoyl peroxide (5%).

acne defense day/night lotion - Exfoliates, decreases inflammation, and unclogs pores while simultaneously neutralizing irritations and calming skin. Active ingredient: salicylic acid (2%) provides a dual action of fighting acne and soothing skin.

For a limited time, purchase both acne products for only $99 (regular price $122).

  • After just 6 weeks of use, there is a significant improvement in the skin. Individual results may vary.