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hydrated skin = healthy skin

Based on decades of research and uniquely developed by the team at eraclea and the Matrix Biology Institute.

HylaFusion® combines three forms of hyaluronic acid into one superstar ingredient. Using proprietary polymerization methods, a network of large hyaluronic acid molecular chain assemblies is formed. The result is an ultra-hydrating product that maintains movement of water, biologically active ingredients, and small water-soluble molecules toward the skin’s deeper layers.

As the base of each of our formulations, HylaFusion® acts as a protective second skin layer that supports all day hydration and effective penetration of active ingredients, all while staying dry to the touch.


hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid offers long lasting hydration to improve the health of skin, naturally. This ingredient is one of our natural molecular building blocks of our body’s intercellular matrix. Basically, it’s the natural hydrator of our body, making it an optimal solution when topically applied. When applied it acts like a sponge, holding in a layer of moisture and encouraging effective absorption of skin care solutions.


Skin stays hydrated throughout the day and offers a smoothing effect, reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and discoloration. The result is intensely hydrated skin that deeply absorbs active ingredients for healthy skin and maximum results.