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About Autoship

eraclea® AutoShip is our simple and convenient program of automatic delivery.

eraclea® AutoShip allows you to enjoy the benefits of maintaining a continuous working supply of your favorite eraclea®skin care products. It gives you an automatic delivery schedule to fit your individual needs. And, it guarantees that you continue to get these products at the original price.

You can place your eraclea® AutoShip order by phone or online. You will be billed for your first shipment and, after payment is confirmed, your order will be shipped to you. Subsequent shipments will be billed to your credit card* at your original order price and sent in accordance with the schedule you requested. Typical automatic delivery schedules are 30, 60 or 90 days, depending upon product usage rate.

*If you paid by check or money order, we will notify you in time to make your next payment, before your current supply runs out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Editing Individual Future Shipments

To make changes that will apply to only one particular future shipment in your automatic delivery plan, use the Edit option located in the Shipment Details section of the screen. Changes that may be made to an individual shipment include:

Edit Ship-To Address: Select from your address book or add a new address for an individual shipment. If you need to make changes to your Billing Address, you can do so by accessing My Account at the top of your screen.

Edit Payment Information: Add a new credit card, switch cards, update your credit card expiration date, or change your pay method for an individual shipment.

Quantity: Increase or decrease the quantity for the individual shipment using the drop-down list. Edit Size: Select a new size for that individual automatic delivery shipment, if applicable.

Ship Method: Select a new ship method using the drop-down list. Skip Shipment: Click this link to cancel only a particular shipment, but still remain active in the automatic delivery plan.

If you need to make additional changes in the future, you may do so at any time. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Customer Service at 214-295-4366. Customer Service: If you would prefer to call for additional assistance or to request changes or cancel your automatic delivery plan, simply contact Customer Service at 214-295-4366.

Types of changes that can be made through Customer Service include: shipment frequency, payment method, shipping method, shipping address, billing address, order quantity, size, etc. You can also delay or cancel your next shipment at any time before the shipment has been sent, as well as cancel your automatic delivery plan. (Some restrictions may apply for certain automatic delivery plans and at certain stages in the shipping process.)