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our story

Before we developed eraclea, we became increasingly unhappy with the superficial skin care products that were available on the market.

We were tired of trying so many products only to find out they either didn’t work or our skin was left irritated, worse off than before. 

Together, we began a quest to create a better, deeper way to deliver skin care solutions that actually work and remove irritating ingredients that don’t work, all while supporting overall skin health.

It was important to us that not only would we have a product to produce effective results, but it needed to be affordable and accessible for everyone.

Dr. Denlinger spent years advancing scientific understanding of hyaluronic acid, a key building block of healthy, youthful skin, and developed HylaFusion®, a clinically proven breakthrough hyaluronic acid complex, to deliver it, along with other key ingredients, effectively.

The development of HylaFusion led us to the creation of a new skin care line that would truly do what it promised and was specifically designed to moisturize, hydrate, protect and rejuvenate the skin to help fight aging.


Through this lens, we formulated eraclea.


Finally happy with the results, we unveiled a line of products unlike any other ever seen: Affordable skin care products we felt confident about using and recommending to others.