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the science


Scientists at the Matrix Biology Institute have developed a completely new complex hyaluronic acid system to be used in skin care formulations. Using proprietary polymerization methods, a network of large hyaluronic acid molecular chains is bound into an assembly of very large coils. These coils form spheroidal particles of virtually infinite molecular weight. The spheroidal particles can absorb and release large volumes of water, or water-soluble molecules, much like a sponge.

This hyaluronic acid system used in each eraclea formulation is known as HylaFusion®. HylaSponges® retain a large amount of water even when they feel dry on the surface of the skin.


Water retention and distribution are essential elements for proper skin care.

HylaSponges® are an essential component of HylaFusion®. This unique mixture and the proprietary HylaSponges® provide longer lasting and more penetrating hydration that lasts all day to improve the health and clarity of the skin, plus optimal absorption of products for maximum results.

figure 1 of hydrating properties

figure 1 of hydrating properties

Figure 1.
Dry (non-hydrated) HylaSponge molecules.
Figure 2.
Three hydrated HylaSponges® close to one another. Note how the sponges have increased 100 times in volume during the hydration process

molecular weight analysis

HylaFusion® is comprised of three different hyaluronic acids:

  • The HylaSponge® – an infinitely large single molecule
  • Large Molecules – average molecular weight 2,000,000
  • Small Molecules – average molecular weight 70,000

  • The distribution of small and large molecular weight, water-soluble hyaluronic acid in HylaFusion® is represented in a gel electrophoresis analysis of molecular weights. Hyaluronic acid is a polymeric molecule consisting of a family of molecules with various molecular weights (sizes). This is how they appear in nature as well as in purified form. The curve shows the distribution of the small and large molecules.

     Note that the molecular weights are in a logarithmic scale. The peak molecular weight for the small molecules is at 70,000 and for the large one, 2,000,000.

    filling & smoothing

    A drop (0.02 mL) of HylaFusion®, containing 40 µg of pure hyaluronan dissolved in water (concentration 0.2%), was spread on the skin on the tip of the finger and photographed at 10x magnification

    (courtesy of Matrix Biology Institute)