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What are the key reasons eraclea is better than the competition?

HylaFusion Combined with a High Concentration of Proven Anti-aging Ingredients.

All eraclea products are carefully crafted with a high concentration of proven, anti-aging, smoothing and nourishing ingredients such as antioxidants, peptides, minerals and botanical extracts, each chosen for their functionality and combined with our proprietary, super-hydrating ingredient, hyaluronan-based HylaFusion, to more effectively deliver this high concentration of ingredients deep into the skin, leaving you looking and feeling younger.

Many skin care lines offer a hyaluronic acid product in their line to use in conjunction with other products. However, only eraclea offers a line of products that each include hyaluronic acid, or better yet, HylaFusion, for intense hydration and enhanced ingredient delivery for maximized effectiveness.

 What is HylaFusion?

HylaFusion, a breakthrough in skin care technology, is different from all other forms of hyaluronic acid available today because of its content design and hydrating properties.

HylaFusion is composed of three forms of hyaluronan in proprietary ratios of small to large hyaluronan (hyaluronic acid) molecules and highly hydrated HylaSponges®. The HylaSponge is not a sponge, per se, but a complex molecular configuration of hyaluronan molecules with water-retaining and water-dispersing properties much like those of a sponge, to provide the benefits of longer-lasting hydration, which, in turn, promotes enhanced ingredient delivery and effectiveness.

 How does HylaFusion work?

Hylafusion® works on two key levels. First, it forms an ultra-hydrating “second skin” layer on the surface that protects, fills and smoothes, thus improving the skin’s appearance. Second, eraclea products feature a high concentration of antioxidants, peptides, vitamins, minerals and botanical extracts. HylaFusion enhances the delivery of these ingredients deep into the skin and hydrates for up to eight hours after application to keep skin looking younger and healthier.

 Does anybody have anything similar eraclea’s HylaFusion?

There are many products on the market that contain Hyaluronic acid, but we have an exclusive license on the patent for HylaFusion.

Many skin care lines offer a hyaluronic acid product in their line to use in conjunction with other products. However, only eraclea offers a line of products that each include hyaluronic acid, or better yet, HylaFusion, for intense hydration and enhanced ingredient delivery for maximized effectiveness.

Is eraclea’s HylaFusion animal derived?

No, we do not have any animal-based products. Nor do we use parabens, perfumes or colorants.

I have very dry skin. How will eraclea products help me?
No matter your skin type it is important to use a hydrating product. eraclea’s HylaFusion® acts as second skin. Its water-retaining and water-dispersing properties help retain moisture for up to 8 hours, allowing the surface of the skin to feel dry to the touch. The retained water is released when needed and remains available for hydration to the deeper levels of the skin, providing enhanced ingredient delivery and effectiveness.

    BONUS: With eraclea products you won’t feel like you have to layer on thick creams to feel hydrated.

    I have very oily skin, and I don’t want to look greasy. Will eraclea products be too heavy?
    All skin types need moisture. Oil production does not mean you are super-hydrated. The wonderful thing about eraclea is that their products have the ability to deliver hydration without feeling heavy. I would recommend the pure hydration serum/zinc. It instantly calms skin but dries quickly and tightens the skin. Then I would lightly apply our acne defense day/night lotion in the t-zone areas.

    I need something that helps my makeup look smooth and keeps it in place.

      You would be surprised how many people do not moisturize. They just apply foundation. eraclea skin care has a complex formula that retains moisture longer on the surface of the skin without feeling heavy. This reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and skin feels moist, and firm and ready for makeup. In other words, it is, a primer that actually gives your skin what it needs and improves the look of your makeup. pure hydration serum/zinc is also great for reducing redness.

      I have uneven skin tone, and texture, and I need something to repair and reverse skin damage.
      HylaFusion enhances delivery of biologically active molecules, such as vitamin C, lumiskin and peptides, enabling them to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin, improving their effectiveness. I recommend eraclea’s reveal advanced brightening cream with Drone Technology that uses dual encapsulated super-peptides. This revolutionary system targets specific cells and releases active ingredients directly where they are needed most, quickly producing outstanding results.

      Is it true that some skin care products can have a molecular weight too large to penetrate the dermis?
      Many ingredients are simply too large to penetrate even the outer layer of our skin, so without fatty acids or a synthetic penetration enhancer, depending on your preference, a simple, basic skin cream will essentially just sit on the surface and do nothing.

      What is a peptide and how does it work?
      Peptides are short chains of amino acids that act as building blocks of proteins such as collagen, elastin and keratin. These proteins are the foundations of your skin and are responsible for its texture, strength and resilience. Using skin care products with peptides can lead to firmer smoother-looking skin.

      What are stem cells?

      Stem cells are specialized cells, in animals and plants, that are capable of becoming any other type of cell in that type of organism and then reproducing more of those cells in a controlled manner. As you can imagine, these cells play a pivotal role in how plants and skin visibly repair and rejuvenate themselves once they’ve been damaged.

      What is growth factor?

      As an essential part of skin regeneration when trauma has taken place, Epidermal Growth Factor works by attracting cells to a wound site in order to begin the repair process. This vital protein is released by platelets during the inflammation stage of healing to attract cells to the injured area.

      What is the difference between growth factors and stem cells?

      Stem cells are the “building blocks” (imagine a pile of bricks) and growth factors are the “workers” (imagine a team of hard-hat construction workers turning those bricks into a mansion). Growth factors are responsible for activating, prodding, stimulating, and mobilizing of stem cells.

      Are growth factors used in skin care products?

      Yes, they are. eraclea’s revitalize EGF serum leading edge, anti-aging serum delivers visible, dramatic improvements to your skin, utilizing the Nobel Prize-winning discovery of Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) to stimulate skin to renew itself. Using synthetic EGF, this potent age-defying treatment revitalizes skin as it improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, photo-aging, skin tone and texture, maximizing radiance and restoring youthful-looking skin.

      What is Vitamin C is essential for?

      • Cell growth
      • Collagen synthesis
      • Antioxidant activity
      • Boosting the immune system
      • Development and maintenance of connective tissue
      • Wound healing and metabolic reactions

         What is different about eraclea’s intensive repair and protect serum/ vitamin C?

        Not only does eraclea’s intensive repair and protect serum/vitamin C use HylaFusion® to carry vitamin C to the deeper layers of the skin, but also the form of vitamin C we use, magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, is a water-soluble, nonirritating, stable derivative of vitamin C. It is effective in significantly lower concentrations and is better for people with sensitive skin.

        What are antioxidants?

        Antioxidants are compounds that neutralize the harmful effects of pro-oxidants, which can damage skin cells through the generation of free radicals. Antioxidants are synthesized by the body but can be also supplemented in skin care products. Examples of antioxidants are vitamins, flavonoids and minerals.

        How do antioxidants work in skin care products?

          The skin is affected by the environment - including UV radiation from the sun, humidity levels and pollution. Each of these creates free radicals that negatively impact the health of the skin; but the damage can be increased when exposed to multiple affecters or exposed over a long period of time. By using skin care products containing antioxidants, the free radicals can be neutralized prior to damaging the skin.

          Shouldn’t antioxidants be ingested, and does it work?

            A Pro-oxidative damage can occur inside the body as well. Smoking, alcohol consumption and eating fried foods all generate free radicals. Ingestion of antioxidants can offset the damage caused by these however, the best way to prevent damage to the skin is to apply antioxidants directly.

             How soon after surgery or laser treatment can pure hydration serum/zinc be applied to an incision or area of treatment?

            After surgery we recommend you wait 2 or 3 days. You can us pure hydration serum/zinc immediately after a laser treatment. It is perfect for stressed, irritated skin, this moisture-intensive serum draws on the anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of zinc to promote healing while reducing redness. The serum delivers pure hydration to rejuvenate and replenish the skin.